Founder Matthew Kenney Cuisine,
Venice, California, United States

"– As the world begins to recognize the benefits of plant based cuisine on a much broader level, we must credit that progress to the work of professionals like Josefine Jäger, the new generation of culinary artists who are redefining the way we think about food. Josefine has the rare combination of charisma, creativity and passion, which is highlighted not only in her work but also in the experiences of those who she comes in contact with. Josefine's world is a world of beauty - beauty for the earth and beauty for you. I am honored that she is a graduate of our Academy and am so eager to witness her impact on health, nutrition and the culinary arts in the years to come."

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Stockholm, Sweden

"– I’m so grateful that I have done Josefine’s Bluecovery program. Bluecovery is remarkably planned and includes fundamental knowledge, holistic thoughtfulness and great inspiration. It’s a supreme luxury to have an intuitive private chef like Josefine, who works with all the natural produce with such a great care and feeling for the details and make fantastic tasty and high-frequency food. Along with several complementary treatments, it was just safe to lean back and let myself be transformed and receive all the new inspiration and abundance that the Bluecovery gives!"



Artist and photographer,

Stockholm, Sweden

"– Josefine has an extraordinary way of connecting all the dots, from top to bottom, left to right, and make even the most complex picture visible and clear. Through equal parts pragmatism and visionary ability, combined with a deep understanding of me as an individual and a professional, she has developed new structures that have transformed both my life and the results that come from my work. I would recommend working with her to anyone who wants to positively and effectively ground and realize their vision and live aligned with their own true nature, body and soul."