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”– And along with several complementary treatments, it was just safe to lean back and let myself be transformed..."



A 14 - 16 - 18 or 21 day private high end transformative organic plant based gastronomic energy cleanse program:


Welcome to Bluecovery, a custom made program, tailored for you. This fully equipped 14-days transformative program with the optional 7 days extended revisit, is available for anyone that want to get fresh, rebalanced and indulge in self-exploration. Are you ready and up for it?

”– Bluecovery is remarkably planned and includes fundamental knowledge, holistic thoughtfulness and great inspiration.”

Maybe you dream of hydration via delicious cold pressed juices, energizing smoothies, superfruit, adaptogens and plant based modern gourmet dishes, freshly made and delivered to you one by one in a blink? Add to that steady support, physical therapeutic treatments, healing and guided meditations. Isn´t this an exciting and powerful way to let go of the unnecessary and recharge with new fulfilling energy? How do you feel about connecting more with you, lean back, enjoy and have fun?


This is a luxurious transformative ”something extraordinary” resort in your own home! Welcome to book your first Bluecovery!

From 45.000 SEK


7 days Revisit

Bookable 2 months after your first Bluecovery. Revisit Bluecovery and strengthen your body, mind, spirit and routines. Is this the next step of your improvement and evolution!? 7 days of solid increase of stamina, clarity and restoration, new exciting flavours, treatments, upgraded personal refinement and direction. A lively blue boost for your system!

Do you love satisfaction? The Blue got your back!

Vegan, ethical, sustainable.


10% off on your 7 days extended revisit if you book both programs at the same time!

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