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Womens Beauty, Strength & Health Circle

Welcome to The Circle:

Warmly welcome to attend this magnificent opportunity to be part of the Womens Beauty, Strength & Health Circle with Josefine and co-labs! You will take part of Josefines teaching, knowledge and longtime dedication to plants, health, nature and cooking. Together we will discover four different themes. The theme of self love, beauty, plants and relationships, and dig deeper in the knowledge of such. 


Speech and communication, profound health understanding, intention and affirmation, longevity, natural beauty, emotional healing, meditation techniques, fresh plant based food, super foods, high quality supplements, loving care and support are essential in the Circle.


You will be highly inspired by the group and on each session you will learn a new way to prepare food and beverages. Easy and proper, both healthy, system-boosting and organic. And you will have a specific material and beauty tip too! We can’t wait to see you and we can´t wait to get the Circle going. We are excited to support and cherish you along the way! Welcome onboard! 



Full programme of 4 occasions: 6550 sek

(Including 16h of education, plant food, drinks, material, recipies and a high quality organic goodie bag treat).

BOOK NOW! First to 12 women

*Maximum 12 participants per occasion. Thereafter waiting list. 

The Womans Beauty, Strength & Health Circle is also avaliable for a private booking of 12.

Payment options:

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