Josefine grew up in the deep woods of Värmland, Sweden. As a child she was an explorer of good things like playing in the kitchen with her beloved grandma and picking flowers, berries and mushrooms in the fields, forest and gardens nearby. The interest in food was born at an early stage, the joy of a recipe card from the local food market, cooking whenever possible. Nature based at heart, Josefine loved the fresh aliveness and green richness in vegetables and plants. Known as a kind, warm, gentle and sparkly spirit, with a natural urge to explore, create and aid her family, friends and community.


Education wise she started a restaurant and hotel management high school education in Karlstad, to gain knowledge and techniques how to prepare food properly, followed by an education by the great teacher Matthew Kenney in Oklahoma City, US. Participating at several nutrition and energy medicine related courses/events in Sweden with teachers such as Fredrik Paulún, Peter Wilhelmsson, Kristina Andersson and Bertil Wosk.


A big part of the beginning of her career was in different restaurants in Värmland and soon after graduation, in Stockholm. Always with a natural movement towards the most plant based areas of the kitchen setup. 


In 2005 she walked right into rawfood heaven "The little Earth Cafe" in London, and quite a radical and direct shift occurred. Later Ayurveda entered her life with great joy and fruition. The blend of the two with her own added spice of creation is today the food she creates and presents. During the years she has had the great opportunity to open, manage and assist some of Sweden's best-selling health and whole food companies. In 2013 Josefine decided to concentrate on her own business to develop her work and broaden her vision.


Josefine is the author of the two beautiful books Hello Green and Flora – Nourishing drinks from the plant kingdom.